¡Semillas y Raices! (¡SyR!) is a secular, city-registered, Santa Barbara/Martineztown community group  Our name, which translates to “Seeds and Roots” in English, is reflective of our mission to honor both the agrarian roots and Hispanic heritage of Santa Barbara/Martineztown as well as acknowledging and welcoming new members of our community. Our mission is to actively participate in and protect the safety, health and wealth of all aspects of the Santa Barbara/Martineztown community.

Our vision is to re-vitalize our community; to preserve and enhance our deep agrarian roots and rich Hispanic history; to include the stories and culture of all our residents— both descendants of the original families and newest additions; to ensure that the interests of our youngsters, elders and those in need are addressed; to offer (directly or indirectly) information, access to resources and support, as well as community help and involvement; to once again invite and welcome home-based and small businesses to our primarily residential and family-centered neighborhood; and to rebuild our identity as a self-sustaining “Village within a City."

Our purpose is to offer our beloved neighborhood a broader, alternate voice and representation (as necessary) with a primary focus on social justice, community building, community activism and community service.  To this end, ¡SyR!’s goals may, but do not limit themselves to, sponsoring cooperative planning, research, fundraising, public education/food/social programs and community social activities.

¡Semillas y Raices!

(Seeds and Roots)

A Santa Barbara/Martineztown Community Group

City Registered, Community Approved